Millington Police Department

Millington, Tennessee

Criminal Investigation Division

Investigations Division

The Criminal Investigation Division of the Millington Police Department consists of an Inspector, Lieutenant, two Sergeants and three Investigators. The Investigation Division follows up on incidents reported by the Patrol Division and processes prisoner booking information as required by federal regulations. The Investigation Division acts as a liaison to other agencies requesting information on suspects, or incidents which occurred in our city.

As well as testifying in Millington City Court, Millington Investigators also present cases to the Shelby County Grand Jury. The Investigators are responsible for all of the items seized by Officers and held as evidence, which includes maintaining inventory, transporting evidence to be tested and transferring evidence to state court if necessary. The Investigation Division is also responsible for registering and monitoring Sex Offenders that reside in the city limits. At present the Investigations Division consists of seven Officers. One of which is assigned to a federal task force. This division is also supported by a Reserve Detective.