Millington Police Department

Millington, Tennessee

The reason for the Millington Police Department is to give proficient and competent help to the residents of Millington so as to save the harmony, to forestall wrongdoing and scatter, and to secure the lives and property of those inside the City. 

Millington Police Department 7950 Memphis Ave. Millington TN 38053


About the Millington Police Department

The Millington Police Department attempts to give proficient police administrations to the residents of the city. The department is included a few divisions, for example, the Watch Division which comprises of 16 watch officials and 6 field leaders who serve the network in 3 8-hour shifts. 


The officials are answerable for authorizing transit regulations, exploring engine vehicle crashes, reacting to calls for help, and watching the private and business territories. The Criminal Examination Division comprises of Assessor, Lieutenant, two Sergeants and three Agents. These officials are liable for leading follow-up examinations and preparing detainee booking data. The whole department is under the order of Head of Police Imprint Dunbar. 


Mike Dunbar, Chief of Police

The Millington Leading body of Council member and Civic chairman made it official June 14, Imprint Dunbar is returning to where everything began. It took 33 years for the previous Millington Police Department official to turn into the Head of Police in Banner City. "It's a respect," he said. "Subsequent to beginning here and working here for around 26 months before heading off to the Sheriff's Department, to return, I was the first to leave here and afterward go to the Sheriff's Department. "There were numerous that tail me," Dunbar proceeded. "Be that as it may, it's a respect to be the first back. It is round trip. What is the tune, "Directly back where I began from.'“? 


With his better half Connie and Father Leo close by, Dunbar was invited by inhabitants and city pioneers at City Lobby. Indeed, even a couple MPD officials and investigators made the stumble over to welcome the new boss. "I need to do as well as can be expected for the city of Millington and the inhabitants and for the folks who chip away at the police department too," Dunbar included. Dunbar was a piece of that department from 1983-85. 


At that point he sought after an open door for development in law authorization with the Shelby Province Sheriff's Department winning the position of Collaborator Boss Representative. Dunbar grew up close Millington and moved on from Briarcrest Secondary School in 1978. He finished his Four-year education in science in Criminal Equity from the UT-Martin. 


After his stop with the Millington Police Department, he joined the Shelby Province Sheriff's Office in 1985. Dunbar rose through the positions of patrolman, Sergeant and Lieutenant working different watch and analytical positions. 


"I've experienced the fights at the Sheriff's Department," Dunbar reviewed. "I've had each unit in the Sheriff's Department under my order at some. I have experienced all the analytical units. "I've ran K-9, Smack, Bomb and I've been blessed," he included. "I've gotten an opportunity to travel globally with the FBI and counter fear-based oppression. I have taken in a great deal about administration and authority, when to act and when not to over respond. None of it is simple and some of it is experimentation." 


Dunbar said he acquires a strong staff that has modified the trust with the occupants of Millington. He knows about the pioneers inside the MPD from long stretches of working nearby them on joint endeavors. "I simply love Millington," he said. "I have a great deal of companions and family members here. I am family to half of North Shelby Area and South Tipton Region. 


That is the motivation behind why I remained a piece of the network. I was leader of the Supporter Club a couple of years. "Regardless of how great an association is, there is consistently opportunity to get better and development," Dunbar finished up. "I've discovered that in the Sheriff's Department. You generally are searching for approaches to improve for the residents as well as for the folks who are working for me. You must be a pioneer for them too."

To Obtain a
Police Report

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(901) 873-5600

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Reports can be obtained
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from 7950 Memphis Ave.

Hours of Operation:
7:00 AM to 4:00 PM.


Working Benefits

Numerous individuals would not fret the pay that a cop gets generally considering the advantages that they get. One of most remarkable advantages is annuity. Officially, a couple are required to function as a police official for in any event 15 years before being given a benefit. Therefore, you can enlist at a youthful age and after that leave by the age of 40 to increase an annuity and work somewhere else at some other foundation. 


You moreover get better than average medical coverage to help yourself in the occasion you get injured or become sick, which on account of police officials is genuinely visit. 


Another informal advantage is that you can get a great deal of free food and beverages when you are in uniform. Notwithstanding, this is venturing into moral grounds and afterward it is totally on your hard-working attitude on the off chance that you need to proceed with it or not. The equivalent applies for any associations you have made with individuals during your administration. 


You also certainly have the chance to interface with big names while endeavoring to defend them or offering them security. 


The control of a law requirement official is extreme, and the pay is not considerable. Notwithstanding, if you have a strong feeling of decency and the aching to secure people, at that point this calling may suit you. Also, it is an entirely good activity, which lets you have a safe retirement and gives you medicinal services benefits. What else might you be able to potentially need ensuing to saving the day and being announced a deliverer according to a couple?


Millington Tennessee Jail

The Millington Police Jail is situated at 7950 Memphis Road in Millington, TN and is a medium security police department jail worked by the Millington Police Department.


Who’s Locked Up?

The Millington Police Jail Prisoner List is a rundown of individuals who have been captured and are in care, including status, and times the detainee can have guests. Likewise, you can locate a similar data about anyone booked or discharged inside the previous 24 hours. Jail detainees are recorded one after another in order by last name. You will have the option to get their capture data more rapidly if you have your companion or relative's first and last name, date of birth, or prisoner ID. 

Admission Protocol

The admission methodology at the Millington Police Jail takes you through every one of these means: 


You will be set in a holding up region or cell. If the jail is occupied, you may not be prepared right away. 


You will respond to a lot of inquiries, like what is your complete name, your location, date of birth and contact individual, and you will likewise be gotten some information about your clinical and mental history. Next, you will be given a detainee number and you will get fingerprinted. At that point, all close to home property will be taken from you and put away until you get released from jail. 


They will permit you to make a call to connect with a relative, companion, or adored on. 


In the event that they expect that you will make bail and be discharged rapidly, they will let you wear your own garments, however on the off chance that you are not expected to make bail rapidly you should wear a jail uniform.

Sending Mail to Inmates

This is the thing that you must know to send letters, photographs, postcards, welcoming cards and even magazines to a detainee at the Millington Police Jail. Approaching and active detainee mail at the Millington Police Jail is constantly looked and examined for stash that may undermine the security, wellbeing or prosperity of the office, its staff, and prisoners. 



The meeting hours at the Millington City Jail are 9am to 11am regularly except for Tuesdays. Guests must be close family and are required to give a substantial photograph recognizable proof card. He/she should likewise have no weapons or medication charges over the most recent 5 years. Visits are close to 20 minutes in length and guests are not permitted to visit multiple occasions in seven days. 

Visitation Guidelines

To visit a detainee at the Millington Police Jail you must be on the prisoner's appearance list. 


Make certain to take your state-of-the-art government provided ID or legitimate driver's permit when you go to appearance or you will not be permitted to enter without it. 


No cellphones at Millington Police Jail, and you will be looked. No close to home things. People under must get the authorization of both their individual managing official and the director before visiting. This sort of appearance is not endorsed. 


On the off chance that a guest is younger than 18 is identified with the prisoner, they should be joined by a grown-up relative or gatekeeper to incorporate an individual from the detainee's more distant family. On the off chance that a guest is younger than 18 and is not identified with the detainee, the minor guest must be joined by a parent or gatekeeper.